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exhibition at K56
(formerly known as MON CAPITAINE)
kinderdijk 56, middelburg
4 t/m 25 september 2022


30 April - 9 may 2022 Oberhausen
UNTITLED non narrative moving image about threat and the unexpected 2020-2021 is also selected for the 68th INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL OBERHAUSEN

"Dear filmmaker, It's with great pleasure to announce The One Minutes Series ‘Forked Tongue', 'Mind-body-problem', 'Snack or Food Pill' and 'Imagine The Earth Is Your Lover’ are selected for 68th International Film Festival Oberhausen, one of the most important short film institutions anywhere in the world". Julia van Mourik, director The One Minutes Foundation


more information follows
The series are archived by Het Nieuwe Instituut and are available on their website

UNTITLED from the Forked Tongue serie

14-21 november 2021 Malta
My work UNTITLED, a non narrative moving image about threat and the unexpected is selected for the ‘Forked Tongue’ a serie curated by Madison Bycroft for Theoneminutes
The Forked Tongue includes ten one minute videos that move in two directions, are ambivalent, layered, and in between. Repetitions, translations, and bifurcated histories proliferate, as do restless characters performing multiple gestures, unanchored, and never still. These works evade a single sense. Instead of containing things within specified boundaries or capacities a space opens for multiplicity and ambiguity.
The selected videos were sent in from Australia, France, Netherlands, Portugal, Turkey and United Kingdom

click here to watch UNTITLED

The online premiere is hosted by Het Nieuwe Instituut on Thursday 2 December at 8pm CEST.
More info: thursdaynight.hetnieuweinstituut.nl/en/activities/forked-tongue
The series are archived by Het Nieuwe Instituut and are available on their website
Premiere at the 17th Kinemastik International Short Film Festival
Taking place in Malta 14-21 November 2021

, online premiere 2 December 2021 8PM CEST
Thursday Night Live! at Het Nieuwe Instituut Online, 2 December 2021
Kinemastik, The Royal British Legion, Valetta (MT)
Kinemastik, Balzunetta Gastro Pub, Floriana (MT)
Kinemastik, Vilhena Band Club, Floriana (MT)
Kinemastik International Short Film Festival, Cafe Riche, Birgu (MT)
Forked Tongue walking route, Kampen (NL)
HAL 25, Alkmaar (NL)
Museum Hilversum (NL)
Remise, Amsterdam (NL)
Made possible by:
Arts Council Malta
Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst
Mondriaan Fonds


Bring Your Own Beamer

23 Nov - 23 Nov 2019 Amsterdam
On Saturday November 23rd Upstream Gallery hosts, in collaboration with Rafaël Rozendaal, a Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB).
BYOB is a series of one-night-exhibitions where (media-) artists are invited to show their work on their own projectors. BYOB is an international concept initiated by artist Rafaël Rozendaal, which allows artists to fill a space with projections for one night. Everything is permitted, as long as it is projected. The BYOB will be held at Upstream Gallery, in Rozendaal's solo exhibition Discrete Objects that opens the night before. Artists in and around Amsterdam will be invited to show work. More info on BYOB here.
Kévin Bray, Daan Couzijn, Seán Hannan, Riley Harmon, Jan Robert Leegte, Kim Nuijen, Mylou Oord & Shreya de Souza, Thetis Parmenidou, Josse Pyl, Patricia Ribas, John Weilacher, Olga Westrate, James Whistler, Wyne Veen
WHEN, WHERENovember 23
17.00 - 20.00
Upstream Gallery
Kloveniersburgwal 95
1011KB Amsterdam


zaterdag 21 en zondag 22 september 2019

saturday 21st and sunday 22nd september from 12.00 to 18.00
veemkade 570 en 574

veemkade 570


saturday 21st and sunday 22nd september
at CORRIDOR PROJECT SPACE i participate with digital edited drawings 2015
zaterdag 21 en zondag 22 september van 12.00 tot 18.00 uur
veemkade 574

Artist's book presentation Olga Westrate
Research visual language digital media

Opening: Saturday 29 June, 5 p.m. From 29 June to 27 July 2019
BOEKIE WOEKIE books by artists

from depicting to imagining, from traditional to digital


The starting point for this book is one photo. Westrate photographs exclusively with mobile phone cameras. The first six prints were edited with felt-tip pen, then the same photo was digitally edited on the computer. The book consists of fifty images, in an edition of ten numbered copies. Two more books follow in this series: in the second book the starting point is felt-tip pen drawings that are digitally edited. In the third book the works originate on the computer, designed from the imagination.

For Westrate, digital working opens up new possibilities for expression: "Digital technology is just as fast as my imagination". The variations of imagination are endless. You can work immediately and spontaneously. Westrate works with simple techniques, both digital and traditional.

BOEKIE WOEKIE books by artists. The artist-run bookstore for books by artists.
Berenstraat 16, 1016 GH Amsterdam
Open everyday, 12pm - 6pm. +31-020-639-0507


Artist's book presentation. Finissage

  Saturday 27 Juli 2019, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
BOEKIE WOEKIE books by artists
  During the finissage, all images from the book will be displayed on the wall so that the process is clearly visible