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About the artist's book  


Westrate's work is a mix of traditional and new media. She investigates whether
traditional drawing is an addition to her way of working (and vice versa). Westrate
focuses on creating its own digital visual language, a new digital form. By
experimenting with drawing with felt-tip pen on photos and digitizing the drawings,
she tries to portray the imperfection, the feeling, the emotion, in the digital
environment without losing the digital appearance.

The starting point for this book is one photo. Westrate photographs exclusively with
mobile phone cameras. The first six prints were edited with felt-tip pen, then the
same photo was digitally edited on the computer. The book consists of fifty images,
in an edition of ten numbered copies. Two more books follow in this series: in the
second book the starting point is felt-tip pen drawings that are digitally edited. In the
third book the works originate on the computer, designed from the imagination.

For Westrate, digital working opens up new possibilities for expression: "Digital
technology is just as fast as my imagination". The variations of imagination are
endless. You can work immediately and spontaneously. Westrate works with simple
techniques, both digital and traditional.